Fiberglass fire-retardant tape

It can be used as the flame retardant layer,fireproofing layer,Oxygen-resisting layer and absorbing layer of low smoke non-halogen fire-retardant electric wire and cable of various series.The product is able to maintain its pliability even after wrapping electric wire and cable.So it is the most ideal material for pliable electric wire and cable.

1 THICKNESS  0.18±0.02mm 
2 WEIGHT(g/m2)  180±20g/㎡ 
3 Tensile strength(N/mm)  ≥300N/25mm 
4 Oxygen Index  ≥65% 
5 Smoke DensityDm.NF  ≤120 
6 Corrosive Gas After Burn   
6.1 PH of Aqueous Solution  ≥4.3 
6.2 Electrical Conductivity of Aqueous Solution  ≤3.0μS/mm 
7 Appearance  Uniform appearance, No floc,No snow point,hole and buckling.No gaps on both side 


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