Steel mica rod

stainless steel Mica tube   

Mica pipe is made from the high quality muscovite, phlogopite and proper silicon resin adhesive conglutinate to the insulation material with horniness pipe.

Mica pipe has well insulation and high machine intensity, which is widely used in the electrode bar of kinds of implement, electric engine and so on. 


(1)Mica tube is a kind of insulation material , which is made by mica paper adhere proper adhesive, then processing to tube like structure.

(2)it has high mechanical strength,  application for different kinds of motors , electrode, stick in electrical equipment or insulation for electric bushing, etc.
(3)High temperature resistant 
(4)Shaped as customer' drawing 
(5)Good Insulation
(6)Competetive price and good quality
(7)Fast delivery


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